Issac Delgado

Issac Delgado

The Cuban salsa maestro is coming to Rovinj to grace the stage at the 20th birthday of the festival, bringing his decades of musical mastery to the celebration! Please, welcome El Chévere de la Salsa!


  • Adris Old Tobacco Factory
  • Wednesday, June 12th 
  • 23:00-00:30
  • included in all passes except Weekend Passes
  • included in a Wednesday single-party ticket that could be purchased on the spot

Wednesday night will be on fire as Cuba's most famous salsa and son living legend takes the main stage!

Vocalist, bandleader, and composer Issac Delgado has been on the cutting edge of Cuban popular dance music for more than four decades.

With a career rooted in groundbreaking albums like "Dando la Hora" (1990), he has been a driving force in Cuban music. Born in Havana in 1962, he became part of influential groups like the Orquesta de Pacho Alonso and the Orquesta NG La Banda. As a soloist at the Tropicana Cabaret, he showcased his prowess and became known as "El Chévere de la Salsa".

In 1990, Issac ventured on his own, forming his own orchestra, and has since become a symbol of traditional Cuban son and salsa with a touch of jazz. Collaborating with international icons like Celia Cruz and Gilberto Santa Rosa, Issac has left an indelible mark on the global salsa scene.

Be part of the special Wednesday night for an unforgettable salsa experience as Issac Delgado takes the microphone, promising a dream-made reality - one where the best of Cuban music springs to life and the dance floor becomes a canvas for talent, determination, and the enduring spirit of salsa!



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