DJ Javier

Mean machine, coming strait from Cuba again and again - aché Javier!

Specialised in: Cuban salsa

Javier came to the UK 9 years ago from Havana - Cuba, where he worked at the Castillito Cultural Centre and was involved in various musical activities. He has been DJ-ing in the UK since his arrival, playing salsa and timba cubana, reggaeton, latin hip-hop and R&B to suit the occasion. Javier has supported many of Cuba’s greatest musicians in concert in the UK and France. These include ‘Los Van Van’, ‘Pupy y los que son son’, ‘Maykel Blanco’, ‘Elito Reve’, ‘Sierra Maestra’, ‘Osvaldo Chacon’, ‘Paulito FG’, ‘Sur Caribe’, ‘Manolito Simonet y su trabuco’ y ‘Candido Fabre’.


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