Jhoana & Diago

Get ready to dance to the pulse of Cali-style salsa with Diago and Jhoana, the dance dynamos and world champions joining our festival lineup for the first time!

Specialised in: Cali latin style, Salsa on1
Workshops: 2 on pre-festival days, 2 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 2

With over a decade of professional dance under her belt, Jhoana Palhua isn't just a dancer - she's a force of nature. A nine-time world champion in salsa and bachata, she's conquered stages across 15 countries, showcasing her unparalleled skill in the soloist category. 

A dance maestro for over a decade, Juan Camilo Diago stands as a testament to salsa excellence. This salsa sensation has clinched multiple world championships in the professional soloist category across various international competitions. 

Together, this dynamic duo brings a blend of innovation, style, and rhythmic mastery that promises to elevate your salsa experience to new heights. Don't miss the chance to dance with these salsa maestros from Colombia and Peru at our festival – it's a dance revolution you won't want to miss!


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