Jorge Luis & Indira Mora

Jorge Luis & Indira Mora

The temperature in the Cuban lineup is rising rapidly!

Specialised in: Afro-Cuban, Cuban salsa
Workshops: 2 on pre-festival days, 3 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Jorge Luis Fernandez Valdes is a Cuban dancer, teacher, and choreographer who graduated from ENA (Cuban National Dance School). He is well versed in Cuban folklore, Afro, salsa, and rumba, as well as popular and contemporary styles.
He has participated in different shows, programs, festivals, and congresses, like those from Cuba, Canada, the USA, Europe, and Russia.He teaches at different dance studios in Las Vegas. 

Indira Mora Cueto is a professional dancer, instructor, and choreographer originating from Cuba. She graduated from ENA, the National Art School, in 2006 with a focus on contemporary/modern and folklore dance. Indira has performed with various top dance companies in Cuba, such as Santiago Alfonzo and Ballet Rakatan. She has also performed at various European festivals and congresses and collaborated with top dancers.


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