Lisa & York

When impeccable ballroom elegance collides with fiery Latin versatility...

Specialised in: Bachata
Workshops: 2 on pre-festival days

She was on a stage even before she could walk… He has a relationship with music like no other…
Her beautiful clean lines and fire hip movements mixed up with his creativity and musicality allow them to interpret bachata songs with their dance like they were part of the lyrics.

Lisa was born in Germany in the arms of a family of professionals and famous dancers, which left her with no other option than to start her dance career at a pretty early age. 

Ten years of training and national and international ballroom competitions made her become the excellent teacher and the impeccable dancer she is nowadays.

Even though she had a successful career in the ballroom world, she felt like something was missing… That something… was the Latin fire! The fire of a Venezuelan boy called DJ YORK!

As a DJ, he understands music and its secrets like no one else. His creative moves, inspired by kizomba and salsa, bring to bachata a different flavor.
These moves have been tested and improved in over 100000 hours of social dancing.

Energetic, powerful moves, and beautiful lines… With this couple, you will rediscover music!


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