Moe Flex

Sergeant Laid-back, first lieutenant of positive energy, captain of jokes, major of party starters… GENERAL of MCs! Mr. Moe Flex guaranteeing you the ultimate fun and parties in Rovinj. Prepare your voices and claps because he will make you use them!

Specialised in: Salsa
Workshops: 5 on weekend (Fri-Sun)

Moe is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the international Latin dance scene today! His boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and he has gained his reputation through sheer hard work, dedication, determination and talent. By adding his personal touch to everything he does, Moe ensures every dance class and/or workshop is a positive and memorable experience and one which will always leave you wanting for more. Moe is followed by numerous students throughout the whole world who are keen to improve their Latin dance technique and others who just want to enjoy his fun classes. Mind you, it's not surprising when you think he has worked with people such as Roudeep, Tim Westwood, 50 Cent, Blu Cantrell, Craig David and Madonna.


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