Jose Molina

Is there a better way to learn to dance than with real live musicians playing right next to you?

Whether you'd like to go completely back to the roots and Afro Cuban culture, or you're a hard core mambo dancer - it's listening to music that matters. And what's the best way to help you listen to different beats and distinguish accents and rhythm? Well probably to set a team of live musicians right into the workshop you're taking and to make you dance to the music they are playing. This is the reason many of our workshops this year will be accompanied by live musicians.

Back again at CSSF - this team of musicians will make you hear those beats you were having difficulties hearing and feel those feels you've never felt before.

Jose Molina
If you were born in Cuba, then the music must be flowing through your veins... Already with the age of 7, Molina started to educate in musical direction. After piano, he specialised in percussions as a professor and continued by gaining the diploma of a musical therapist. Today he gives percussion lessons and participates in various musical or dance events. 

Pack your bags...we're taking you on a musical journey!


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