07 Mar 2024


A serious note!

Dear dance family,

Due to the discontinuation of the 12-year-long Summer Sensual Days in Rovinj, we are compelled to send out a serious note regarding the unofficial day and night parties in Rovinj. 

We ask all of those who want to organize or join the unofficial dancing parties to not do so for both legal and other reasons. Let us explain.

Although joyous, unofficial dance parties and gatherings in various places in the city of Rovinj culminated last year with the stoppage of one of our events. This unfortunate decision has hit us very hard. 

We have put our souls, energy, resources, and countless hours into creating a space where bachateros and kizomberos can celebrate life through the exchange of dance experiences. Unfortunately, part of our community, despite all our efforts in previous years to inform them of the problems they are creating, has been intensively active in organizing unofficial events in the city and inviting people to join them - year by year, not caring how their actions affect others around them.

These unofficial gatherings disturbed the peace of Rovinj's own citizens and the peace of its guests, who came to Rovinj as "ordinary" tourists. Also, it undermined our efforts to create an event that lives in harmony with the city, and last year's unofficial happenings culminated with the stopping of one of our events, which was an emotional and financial hit for many that were included in the festival organization, directly or indirectly. Additionally, the scene has lost for one year an incredible event that had a worldwide effect on the industry.

Thus, as the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival approaches, we want to send a very urgent notice to our community:
  1. Unofficial gatherings jeopardize the festival and are against the law, inviting serious consequences. Local authorities strictly prohibit any public gatherings, day or night, and may enforce legal sanctions against them.
  2. Day and night gatherings in public areas of the city outside the framework of the festival are not only a violation of the law but also disturb the peace of the city, its citizens, and other visitors seeking a peaceful holiday. Legal consequences can apply to any violations.
  3. Your cooperation in refraining from such gatherings is not just about avoiding trouble. It's about protecting the essence of our festival and ensuring its longevity, as the festival and the city need to live in harmony so that the event that has brought much joy to many past and current dancers can do so for many years ahead. 


Official Daytime Dance Zone: Villas Rubin Resort & Boat parties

Starting this year, access to beach parties at Villas Rubin Resort is exclusively for festival pass holders (check here to see which passes include beach parties). This stunning location is more than just a dance floor – it's a haven for daytime entertainment, featuring top DJs and fantastic instructors, endorsed by both organizers and local authorities. All festival attendees are welcome to this social dance oasis during the day, where they can dance, enjoy the sun, and swim in the sea without any interruptions. With this change, we believe we will provide better service and a better experience.

Official Nighttime Dance Zone: Adris Old Tobacco Factory

This is the ONLY place to legally dance in the evenings. We expect 3500 people coming from all over the world to dance together - why wouldn't you come and join us in the only official place to dance with us? Each night is an experience by itself, with five dance floors to satisfy the needs of every dancer. 

Spread the Word and Dance Responsibly

Please share this crucial information with your dancemates and community. Let's build a positive wave of support for the safety measures in place and ensure responsible, long-term dancing!

Stay tuned for more updates, behind-the-scenes fun, and exciting surprises. Counting down to the ultimate summer dance journey!

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