Katarina Island Party - DELUXE EDITION

This year marks a new chapter as the iconic Summer Sensual Days party debuts at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival in an unprecedented Deluxe edition!


  • amazing location 
  • a short, but pleasant boat ride to the island
  • possibility to have dinner (not included in your ticket)
  • theme & dress code: La Vie En Rose / white-pink
  • 2 floors from 19:00 to 00:00 - salsa & bachata
  • DJ-s: DJ Dmitri & DJ Sergio / DJ York & DJ Manuel Citro

Tuesday, 11th of June, @ Katarina Island; 19:00–00:00

Welcome to the most luxurious party of this year's festival! Prepare for a magical evening filled with love, elegance, and dancing under the stars, inspired by the enchanting spirit of La Vie en Rose

The spellbinding iconic party from the Summer Sensual Days continues to reign over this charming island while making its debut for the 20-year salsa celebration. Meet the most magical VIP dance experience, infused with luxury for all your senses!

This deluxe edition party starts with a pleasant boat ride to Katarina Island and continues with dancing under the starry sky on two dance floors (salsa and bachata), next to the pool and next to the sea, while indulging in the charming setting of "La Vie en Rose”. 

In the world of dance, we see everything through our own rosy lenses, finding beauty and joy in every step and creating an atmosphere of love and positivity. This is exactly how this evening will resonate, so make sure your attire follows the evening theme. Dress in your most glamorous outfits with shades of pink and white.

As this is not just a party but a deluxe celebration of life's beauty, expect some enchanting surprises. The red-carpet entrance is just the tip of the iceberg...

IMPORTANT: Deluxe Experience Tickets are LIMITED!

Secure yours on time for a night of pure extravagance and elegance!



  • a single ticket for the Katarina Island party costs 30 eur 
  • this party is already included in the CSSF Premium and Premium Party Pass
  • Katarina Island Party is reserved only for festival pass holders; Katarina Island ticket can be used only with these passes: Freak pass, Full pass, Full party pass and Kick-start pass. At the registration this will be checked.
  • the boat ride is included in your ticket/pass, so make sure you pick it up before the party
  • boats to the island will be leaving from 18:45 to 21:00 from Delfin Dock Station (check the map); boats from Katarina Island to Rovinj will start leaving at 23:30
  • the party lasts from 19:00 to 00:00, so make sure you come on time
  • you can have dinner on the island (not included in your ticket!)
  • continue dancing in Adris Old Tobacco Factory until early morning hours
See you on the island, where the magic of "La Vie en Rose" awaits!


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